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The Tomcat Foundation was started to help get at risk cats and dogs out of public shelters and into loving homes.  Through developing a chain of self supporting cat cafés and dog agility parks  we will be able to sponsor Trap Neuter Return programs, Spay and neuter vouchers for cats and dogs. Plus an abandoned litter nursery and food pantry for pet parents and rescues in need.  As a local not for profit all revenue generated stays in the counties we operate in.



Traditional animal shelters do not work for cats.  When they are caged and often frightened they will not show their true personalities and may seem unadoptable.  However our themed cat cafes will feature a large cat room filled with custom made cat trees, walks & bridges plus interactive toys so the cats and kittens can hang out and get to know you.  Why you may even find your new best friend or friends to adopt.  Now one does not live by cat alone, so each café will carry a full menu related to its theme.

Wouldn't someone like you, like to help a cat like me?


The Tomcat Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation.  We are dedicated to helping these animals have healthier and safer lives.  Will you please consider making a donation for them.

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The Tomcat Foundation

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